Wednesday, October 22, 2008


"Let's go through this again."
"Why? I already told you what happened!"
"Why indeed. I'm not particularly interested in the How."
"What good does it do? It won't bring the crew, or even the Trader's Folly back."
"It won't, but this will help prevent such avoidable expenses from occurring in the future. I just want to make sure that the name was not a self-fulfilling prophecy."
"You named it assuming it would be destroyed?"
"I like to keep reminders of my shortcomings around me."
"Your shortcomings?! Let me tell you about your shortcomings! First of all..."

This particular character trait is one of the reasons why her employment opportunities in the Caldari State are rather limited. But I don't mind, because she has a point. I did bring her here without informing her about the political situation. The Tau Ceti doesn't particularly mind their allies picking off some of their customers. War is good for business, but it can have some externalities.

"...So there I was, minding my own business when I detected an unknown signature right before it appeared on the belt because SOMEONE..."

And a Drake is not exactly one of the most agile ships out there. If an enemy appears, there is indeed little time to detect the enemy and escape.

"..I ordered an alpha strike, but the enemy outrun the blasts and there was nothing on-board to slow the bastard down because SOMEONE has no clue.."

Not to mention that missile launchers that I ordered were designed for killing cruisers and battleships, not frigates. A stasis web would not have hurt, either.

"..eventually the structural integrity gave way to the infernal drones' barrage, causing hull breaches and spacing my crew! Their frozen blood is on your hands! You sent them to battle ill-prepared!"
"Indeed, I did. I'll arrange for a new ship to be delivered, properly fitted and provide a threat assessment of the neighboring systems. Is that all?"
"All? Hundreds dead and that's ALL you can say?"
"It's just business."
"GET.. OUT!"
"Fine, fine. Oh, one more thing? Why did you return to the belt?"
"What? How did you.. Are you blaming.."
"I wouldn't dream of it."
"Don't worry about your employment. As I said, I like to keep reminders of my shortcomings around me."
"Good day, Miss Ashley."

The door closes behind me, and I start making notes. One battlecruiser, minus insurance plus fittings and ammo.. Half a day's setback at most. While walking back to the club I make the necessary adjustments to the prices of my goods. A trader always gets his money.

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