Friday, October 17, 2008

Unexpected Income

The beeping of my NeoCom wakes me and starts listing market transactions before I even get my eyes open. A bunch of drones sold, some hardeners, an implant, ammo, a rig.. I hit the showers go wake myself up for good.

While finishing the rest of my morning routines, I realize that my account balance has a pair of extra digits. While I was sleeping, someone apparently bought all of the grossly overpriced Republic Fleet ammo that I had for sale in one of the seedier parts of the Republic. I have a hunch that whoever bought them must appreciate the irony of killing someone with their own ammo. I don't plan to be that someone, so I'll have to make some modifications to my travel plan. There's some market orders that are about to expire, and there's some deliveries to be made, and assets that are not in motion are assets that are not generating income.

While income is always good, these unexpected large sales tend to have a disruptive effect on my revenue. Normally, I have an investment plan ready for every ISK I earn, but finding a suitable use for an extra hundred million ISK takes some time. And that means time that my assets are not "at work". But what to buy? A Raven to boost the junk acquisition business? Some minerals? Half a dozen rigs? A set of implants? A shipment of drones? Choices, choices..

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